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Detail how your submission was created and has evolved through to successful implementation. Provide evidence to demonstrate considerations to sustainability including financial, environmental and social aspects​
What has your organization done to include innovation in FM planning, design and operations of your submission? How has the innovation considered the environment? Can your FM solution/accomplishments be replicated in other areas e.g. departments, companies and countries? What has your project done to promote the advancement of FM excellence?​
How has your FM initiative supported your corporate/organizational strategy? Explain challenges that were experienced and overcome in implementing the project and what lessons were learned? How did the cost of implementation of your initiative deliver a positive return to the financial performance of your organization? ​
Has your submission developed concepts that can serve as guidance to other FM organizations?​Provide results and evidence that demonstrate successes achieved. How can the process you followed and the results you achieved benefit other FM professionals? ​
What are the strengths of your submission that could be applied universally within the FM industry? Please explain how your initiative demonstrates excellence and would benefit Facility Professionals on a global basis.

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